YouTube Shorts has taken the creator world by storm, racking up an astonishing 5 trillion views since its launch in 2020.

Just like TikTok, the never-ending feed of short, bitesize content on YouTube Shorts is proving to be addictive and eating up everyone’s free time.

Originally introduced to empower mobile creation by allowing YouTubers to capture, edit and share videos straight from their phone, the platform is now available on desktop as well.

One thing to remember, YouTube Shorts is all about grabbing people’s attention quickly before they move onto the next video, so fast hooks and entertaining content are as important as ever.

You can find out exactly how YouTube Shorts monetization works, but the main thing to remember is that the more views you rack up, the more you’re going to earn!

Coming hot on the heels of TikTok, Shorts is YouTube’s answer to the growing demand for super short content you can easily watch on your phone.

Sign in to the YouTube Studio Click the Create button in the top right and select Upload videos Select a video file with either a vertical or square aspect ratio that is up to 60 seconds in length Fill out the details and publish as you would a regular video

Short form creators are using Shorts to fast track their subscriber count into the millions - British magician Dan Rhodes has gone from just 18k subscribers to more than 16 million in just over a year!